Coaching en ligne – Développement personnel en ligne / Online Coaching – Online Personal Developement

Why coaching is my passion


After 10 years in my company, I’ve just been promoted as Marketing Director and they offer me a coaching. A revelation ! This coaching helps me to better know myself, and above all to reveal myself in my job. And I tell myself at the time : ‘what would have it been if I could have this coaching whan I began to work ?


I’m responsible for a great internal transformation project. I decide, in parallel, to train myself to coaching with a 3 years cursus, in parallel to my job, to gain the necessary tools to help my collegues to better live the changing period. I realize that my personal engine is helping others to reveal their talents, to take confidence, to ask themselves the right questions to go further in their professional life.


16 Mars. We are, for the first time of our history, confined at home, with a lot of uncertainty. Immediatly, I decide to make of this period a personal opportunity to transmit to many people what I learned in coaching. The Coach in Me was born ! A few minutes to read an article to inspire you and help you develop yourself professionally and personnaly with advices and simple questions.

Two books guided my footprints, I advice them to you : Ikigai from Chistie Vanbremeersch et Activez vos Talents, from Matthieu Dardaillon

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